Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Information

Where are you located? 

449 Troutman St. Suite B

Brooklyn, NY  11237

We are a 5 minute walk from the JEFFERSON ST.  L train station. 

What are your hours of operation? 

We are open Monday thru Friday between 9am-5pm. If you need immediate assistance outside of our normal business hours, please call or email the studio and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What is the best way to contact you?

You can call our studio directly at 718-497-4500 or email us at

How do I rent an Oliphant backdrop? 

Take a look at our Backdrop Rental section. We have over 3,000 backdrops available to rent. If you are looking for a particular style, we have categorized our backdrops by color, design and size.  All backdrops are listed by their corresponding numbers. When you select an image, the backdrop’s photo, size and description will appear. Please email the studio with your backdrop selections and we will check to see if your options are available on your selected dates. Please note that we are able to place a courtesy hold (meaning guarantee availability) of up to six backdrops per client per request. 

How can I find the SIZE of my backdrop rental?

All sizes are listed under the backdrop’s description. Our backdrops are always rolled on the shortest side for easy transport. For example: a 12′ x 24′ drop rolled on a tube, will be rolled on the 12ft side, making it a 12 ft long roll. If you choose a drop in a bag, the drop will be stuffed in an oversized laundry bag. You can use the filter in each category to sort by size (or in the case of bagged drops, small, medium, large).

What is the difference between a backdrop rolled on a TUBE or in a BAG?

The majority of our backdrops are rolled on tubes. Because of the way they are painted, these drops will be damaged if they are folded, creased, or wrapped around flats. Alternatively, our bagged drops can be draped and folded providing more versatility and easier transport. We have both rolled and bagged drops in a wide variety of sizes, and styles. Bag drops will fit in any vehicle. Rolled backdrops, 9’ or longer, generally need to be transported by van or truck.

What is the difference between CANVAS, BURLAP, and MUSLIN?

While most of our rolled backdrops are painted on heavyweight canvas, we do offer a selection of rolled drops on muslin, and burlap. Muslin is a lighter weight fabric but the surface texture is very similar to canvas. Most bagged drops are painted on muslin for the weight and drapability. The texture of burlap creates a specific surface.  It is different from canvas and muslin because it has a slight open weave which allows pin holes of light to come through. Any fabric or seamless paper attached to the back will prevent the light from coming through resulting in an opaque effect. Take a look at an Oliphant burlap.

What does VINTAGE mean?

When a backdrop is listed as vintage, it means that the backdrop has naturally aged over time. These backdrops are part of photographic history. They tend to have cracks in the paint and color fading, with a beautiful patina and visual integrity that cannot be reproduced.

Can I come see the backdrops in person?

Of course! We enjoy visiting with our clients and always welcome you to come take a look at the backdrops in person. We do require that you email to schedule an appointment. Many times we will be able to accommodate same-day appointments. We allow up to six backdrops to be viewed per visit to ensure that you are able to properly see each one. When making your appointment, please let us know which backdrop numbers you would like to see so we can have them ready upon your arrival.


Yes! Clients are welcome to use our courier service for an additional fee. We deliver across New York City’s five boroughs. Please email for rates (determined by size of backdrop(s) as well as location, day, and time of service. Note that while we will always do our best to work with the needs of your schedule, normal delivery hours are considered to be Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM.

We offer domestic shipping for all backdrop rentals 14’ and under (and can ship bagged drops). Kindly email us the address you wish to have your rental shipped to, along with the dates and times for delivery and return, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote. Each rental shipped domestically incurs a $30 packaging fee per backdrop. 

We do not offer international shipping on backdrop rentals.  

Shipping rates are subject to change without notification. If unforeseen fees are incurred during the shipping process, the client is solely responsible for paying the difference.

Can I arrange my own MESSENGER or PICK UP on my own?

You are welcome to organize your own delivery. If you choose this option please note that you will be responsible for arranging accommodations to safely transport the rented backdrop(s) to and from Oliphant Studio as well as appropriate storage, if applicable.

Please check to make sure that the vehicle, transportation and studio/shooting location you book  is able to accommodate the backdrop size (not all freight elevators will be able to accommodate some of the larger backdrops so it is especially important to check on this when managing transport on your own). All backdrops are rolled on the shortest side regardless of orientation. 

What do I do if my rental gets DAMAGED or LOST?

Please contact the studio immediately. In the event of loss, theft, or damage, the client is liable for replacement or damage fees. Please send photos to so that we can assess the situation. Damage and replacement fees will be determined upon assessment of the backdrop

Can I alter or clean my backdrop Rental?

Please do not attempt to alter or clean your backdrop. If a change is made to a backdrop, the client will be financially responsible for replacing or repairing it. If you have any concerns or questions about cleaning the backdrop during the course of a shoot please contact the studio first. 

Where can I RENT EQUIPMENT to hang my backdrops? 

There are multiple places to rent equipment. For example, check out  ADORAMA and B&H. They have locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn. In addition, most rental photo studios either provide equipment or will have sources for equipment rentals.

What PAYMENT METHODS do you take?

We accept all major credit cards. Payment must be completed prior to confirming your order. Please complete the Credit Card/New Account Form located in our FORMS section below. We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. All information will be kept confidential.

Do I get a REFUND if I do not use my rental on my shoot?

Once the backdrop leaves our studio, we cannot offer a refund as the backdrop was already booked and prepped for you.

Can I EXTEND my rental?

Yes, as long as another client has not booked the backdrop for the same time. Please contact the studio, so we can confirm and arrange accordingly.


  • Clients must comply to Oliphant’s BACKDROP CARE section (listed below).

  • Clients will be responsible and charged accordingly for damage, loss, or theft.

  • All commissioned rentals and rental inventory backdrops remain the exclusive property of Oliphant Studio.

  • The client assumes full responsibility, and incurs all costs associated with the transportation of rented backdrops to and from Oliphant Studio.

  • Once a rented backdrop has left the studio the client is obligated to pay in full and comply with all terms and conditions.  In the event of loss, theft or damage of rental materials, the client is liable for the designated replacement or damage fee.

  • If asked, the client will provide Oliphant Studio with proof of compliance with the agreed upon usage of the rented material by means of tear sheet, negatives, or other visual evidence.

  • The client agrees to return rented materials within the agreed upon rental period or be liable for additional TBD fees.

Backdrop Care & Returns

How do I care for my backdrop rental?

  • Avoid using anything sharp to unwrap your backdrop.  

  • Backdrops cannot be dragged, pulled over sharp edges or placed on dirty surfaces. It is also very important not to get the backdrop wet.

  • If your backdrop comes rolled on a tube, please make sure to keep it stored tightly rolled on the provided core when not in use.  

  • All backdrops rolled on a tube must NOT be folded or creased. This will cause irreversible damage.

  • When rolling out your backdrop, make sure that the floor is dry, smooth and debris-free to ensure that the backdrop will remain clean and undamaged.  

  • Avoid dragging sharp or heavy objects over your backdrop.   

  • Please wipe your shoes before standing on the backdrop. If the model is wearing heels, please use caution to prevent damage and tears.  

  • Do NOT attempt to clean or repair the backdrop yourself. If you have any concerns or questions about cleaning the backdrop during the course of a shoot please contact the studio first.  

  • Avoid stapling your backdrop. Staples create rips, and you will be charged for any damage which the drop sustains.

  • Do NOT stretch your backdrop over stretchers bars or a flat unless given permission by Oliphant Studio.

  • Make sure the backdrop is free of any debris (tape, dirt, staples) before rolling it back up after the shoot.

How do  I return my backdrop rental?

  • Lay the backdrop image-side up (or colored side up) on a clean, dry, flat surface. Tape the backdrop’s edge (not image side) to the tube it came on. Tape (gaffer tape is best) every 12″ to make sure the backdrop doesn’t unravel. The backdrop should be rolled tightly making sure that it does not roll off the ends of the core. Once you are finished rolling the backdrop, securely tape about every 12″.

  • Do NOT roll, store or transport your backdrop on a broken tube. Doing so will cause damage to the backdrop.  If damage occurs due to a broken tube, it will be the clients responsibility to cover any repair fees. Please contact the studio so we can send a replacement tube.

  • Your backdrop should NOT be subjected to extreme heat, cold, or moisture.

  • For instructions on how to properly return your backdrops, watch the videos below.

Returning a backdrop rolled on a tube. 

Returning a backdrop in a bag.

How do you mount  a small  backdrop?

Check out the video below by Felix Kunze.

How to mount a small canvas backdrop 

Custom Work

 Do you paint custom backdrops?

Yes! Oliphant Studio specializes in painting small and large scale painted backdrops, both “mottled”/textured, flat, and scenic. A large part of our business is painting portrait-style backdrops, which are customized to each client’s specifications. Sarah Oliphant painted the original, iconic portrait backdrops that top photographers have been using for over 45 years.

Clients have the option to have their backdrop(s) be a commissioned rental or an outright purchase. If they choose a commissioned rental, the backdrop(s) painted to the Client’s specification and is returned  to our studio after its one-time use and remains the exclusive property of Oliphant Studio.

Take a look at our Customize section to start planning your new Oliphant backdrop!

Do you only paint backdrops?

No! We custom paint sets and props for events, photography, videos, advertising, runway, retail, wedding and residential interiors. We paint on a variety of surfaces, including, but not limited to muslin, canvas, linoleum, ceramic and all forms of wood. With years of experience and knowledge, there is little we haven’t painted. We are up for any challenge! 

Take a look at our Portfolio for some great examples of past and current projects. 

How do I request  a custom  quote?

Kindly send us an email. In your email, please indicate the job specifics like size, potential due date and any other details you think would be helpful.  If references (visual images) are available, please include them as well. Visuals will give us a better understanding of what you would like to have created. If you’re unsure and need some guidance on your custom project, we’d be happy chat with you!

Can I buy an Oliphant backdrop now?

Absolutely!  The Oliphant signature style is synonymous with quality and has inspired photographers all over the world. Sarah has curated a collection of her most iconic and coveted backdrop styles that are available for purchase and immediate shipment.

Come check out our  SHOP.



Rental Rates & Forms

Please return all completed forms to:


What are your backdrop rental rates?

Our rental rates are based on usage NOT on the size of the backdrops.


Film/T.V./Digital Usage

$575 for up to 3 days; $725 per week; $150 each additional day

Print Advertising/Catalogue Usage

$450 for up to 3 days; $605 per week; $100 each additional day

Display/Event/Trade Show Usage

$450 for up to 3 days; $605 per week; $100 each additional day

Editorial/Lookbook Usage

$345 for up to 3 days; $560 per week; $100 each additional day

Student (current school ID present)

$345 for up to 3 days

Volume Discounts

There is a 10% discount when 3 or more drops are rented simultaneously for the same shoot.